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High-tech equipment makes a difference with metal fabrication. It means that metal can be easily shaped, formed, pressed, welded, and precision cut in any way your job requires.

We provide a complete service when it comes to metal products, industrial inspired furniture and art pieces for private home, garden or commercial design project involving:

Sheet Metal Fabrication, General Metal Fabrication,

* Custom Fabrication, TIG n MIF Welding, CNC Press Brake Folding, Guillotining

CNC Routing

CNC Routing Services  Flat Bed 1800 x 3800mm


Making Your Designs a Reality!

We are the production arm of cabinet makers, furniture designers, architects, artists and woodworkers. Our CNC machine cut plywood, aluminium & other materials.

Offering simple or complex shaping, profiling, cutting and routing on a wide range of sheet materials, we are able to carry out one off productions or large batch runs.


Sheet Metal Rolling.png

The adaptability of our rolling equipment allows us to not only handle a range of metal types, but also serves to optimise the forming process in order to provide cost effective fabrication solutions. Our factory is equipped with the latest NC  controlled  Rollers: Tube/Pipe Roller and Plate Roller. 

* Aluminium

* Steel 

* Stainless Steel

Orrange Enclosure.jpg

Powder coating to the highest industry standards with thorough preparation of surfaces and powder application under carefully controlled conditions by highly experienced personnel.

Our Powdercoating  Oven is  6.5mL  x 2.4mW x 2.4mH

Extractor Cover.jpg

Sand Blasting, also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is a surface finishing process that involves the use of a powered machine — typically an air compressor as well as a sandblasting machine — to spray abrasive particles under high pressure against a surface.


Our Sand Blasting Room is 8.6mL x 3.6mW x 2.6mH 


At Novotec we take great pride taking your ideas and turning them into top quality products. Our all work is completed with an emphasis on quality workmanship, and strict confidentiality.   

Our aim is to provide the complete range of services to enable you the customer to satisfy your requirements. Our focus on quality and service make us the ideal partner for you, and our proven track record in all of the key industries will give you the confidence to specify Novotec every time. 


From single prototype jobs to large production runs, we take great pride in what we do! Contact us for more information on our range of services.

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