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Metal Fabrication

Novotec specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of sheet metal components made from:

Stainless Steel  |  Colored TSteel  |  Copper  | Brass  

Mild Steel  |  Galvanised (PGI)  |  Aluminium.


High-tech equipment makes a difference with metal fabrication. It means that metal can be easily shaped, formed, pressed, welded, and precision cut in any way your job requires.


We provide a complete service when it comes to metal products, industrial inspired furniture and art pieces for private home, garden or commercial design project involving: :

Sheet Metal Fabrication * General Metal Fabrication

* CNC Press Brake Folding * Guillotining

* Tube Notching * Plate Rolling  * Section Rolling

* TIG and MIG Welding  * Aluminium Welding 


Also we are capable to complete the projects by providing Sand Blasting and Powder Coating Services.

Commercial and Residential

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