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Novotec Metal Fabrication was established as a Sheet Metal Fabrication Workshop following many years of experience in the Metal Manufacturing Industry. Our team has participated in numerous commercial and domestic projects both within Australia and overseas.​

At Novotec Metal Fabrication  we can work with your sketches, drawings or help you design the perfect fit for any application. We are efficient, accurate and competitive.​ We invest in our customers and they invest in us by continuing to request our services. 

Customer Service:

-  Novotec Metal Fab continually strive to ensure that our processes support the needs of all of our customers.

-  Understand the importance of providing the most appropriate solution to our wide customer base.

-  Are focused on providing intelligent manufacturing solutions at the best cost. Constantly working to adapt our systems to meet our customers changing demands.



We have a highly skilled, motivated workforce whose aim is to exceed the customers expectations. Our team has participated in numerous commercial and domestic projects in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Russia.​ We are happy to work with your sketches, drawings or help you design the perfect fit for any application. 

All our staff have a CAN DO ATTITUDE!



@ Novotec Metal Fab, we believe that quality is the ability to consistently provide service and value that meets our customers expectations. Safety and customer satisfaction are our number one priority.

Quality Materials:

We use only the best quality Australian materials for our projects so you can rest assured whatever the product might be it is built to last.

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