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If you cannot weld, we can teach you;

If you can weld, our aim is to get you to weld better.

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TIG Welding

  • Mild Steel

  • Aluminium

  • Stainless Steel



  • Solid boots, preferably steel toed

  • 100% cotton long sleeve shirts and trousers as sparks can cause synthetic clothes to burn

  • Glasses as they are specific for you



  • Lesson from a qualified tradesman with over 25 years experience

  • Welders & consumables

  • Materials to practice on

  • Welding helmets and gloves 

MIG Welding

  • Mild Steel

Novotec Metal Fabrication is offering training to individuals who  are looking to gain welding experience, to complete your fabrication projects or hobbies, wish to become more skilled in different welding techniques.

Novotec Metal Fabrication is the place you want to be if you are serious about WELDING, FABRICATING and want:

* Improve your welding & fabricating skills

* Learn to use hand power tools safety

* Expand your career opportunities 

* Improve Blueprint or Sketches Reading 

* Dream to create a unique piece of art

* Spark your confidence that you can weld if you need to

* Be able to carry out maintenance on your properties, like repairing gates and making frames

* Put your creative skills to the test

* Have your hobbies you wish to use your skills for


This is your chance to start doing something that could bring you more stability and prosperity well into the future. So give this field some serious attention and  career benefits might just surprise you.


Getting trained can be fun, delightfully challenging, and full of confidence-building moments.


Additionally, if you are interested you can get experience with pressing, cutting and shaping processes to complete your exciting projects.

These non-accredited training lessons also are ideal for the home or hobby welder. Learn the basics, how to set-up, tips and tricks of the trade, different welding techniques required to work on small construction and art projects. 


Levels of Skills:

Beginners and Intermediate 


Class Size:

There will be a maximum of 4 students on this training


Individual Session

Price per Person per Hour

1 Hr                   $ 120.00

2 Hrs                 $ 105.00

3 Hrs                 $   95.00

4 Hrs & more    $   90.00 

Group 2 Persons

Price per Person per Hour 

1 Hr                   $ 75.00

2 Hrs                 $ 70.00

3 Hrs                 $ 65.00

4 Hrs & more    $ 60.00 

Group 3 Persons

Price per Person  per Hour

1 Hr                   $ 65.00

2 Hrs                 $ 60.00

3 Hrs                 $ 55.00

4 Hrs & more    $ 50.00 

Group 4 Persons  

Price per Person per Hour

1 Hr                   $ 55.00

2 Hrs                 $ 50.00

3 Hrs                 $ 55.00

4 Hrs & more    $  40.00 

NOTE: Prices are valid for training during working hours (from 7.00am-3.30pm; Evening hours from 3.30pm to 7.00pm are subject to 10% extra pay.


Should you have any queries or questions about  training you can contact us on , call us on 08 9314 2197

or fill in the form below and we would be happy to assist you with your needs.

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At Novotec our aim is to provide the complete range of services to enable you the customer to satisfy your requirements. Our focus on quality and service make us the ideal partner for you, and our proven track record in all of the key industries will give you the confidence to specify Novotec every time. 

We specialise in Commercial and Residential Sheet Metal Production. Novotec manufacture wide range of Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Galvanised and Mild Steel Products. Our expertise and equipment include Precision CNC Folding, Guillotine Metal Cutting, Sheet Metal Rolling, Pipe Rolling and CNC Router Cutting.  From single prototype jobs to large production runs, we take great pride in what we do! 

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